Spice Up Your Spotify with Spotalike!

Looking for new music that hits the spot? Spotalike is your secret weapon! This website helps you create custom Spotify playlists based on the songs and artists you already love.


  • Feed it your favorites: Tell Spotalike the name of a song or artist you love, and it’ll whip up a playlist full of similar tracks.
  • Discover hidden gems: Find new music that matches your vibe and expands your music library.
  • Easy as pie: Spotalike’s interface is super simple to use, so you can create playlists in no time.

How can Spotalike help you?

  • Grow your music collection: Discover new artists and songs you’ll love.
  • Mood or genre playlists: Create playlists for any occasion, whether it’s a workout, party, or road trip.
  • Endless music exploration: Never run out of new music to explore again!
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