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Kits AI tool

Kits AI is an AI music toolkit offering voice generation, customization, removal, and other upcoming AI-powered music production tools.

What is Kits AI

Kits AI is an AI-powered platform designed for musicians and music producers It provides a variety of tools to enhance the creative process of music production:


  • AI Voice Generator: This is the core functionality of Kits. It allows you to generate realistic singing voices, even impersonating the voice of a specific artist if their AI model is available You can also use it to modify your voice.
  • Custom Voice Training: Kits AI offers the unique ability to train custom AI voices. This means you can provide your voice samples and create a personalized singing voice for your music.
  • Vocal Remover: This tool helps remove existing vocals from a song, allowing you to isolate the instrumental track or use it for remixing purposes.
  • Other AI Music Tools: Kits AI suggests they have other AI music tools in the works, but details are not yet available.

Kits AI aims to streamline the music production workflow by providing creative tools powered by artificial intelligence. It offers a free tier to get you started, with paid plans for extended features.

kits AI

kits AI

kits AI

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Kits AI tool
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